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At the current time their are approximately a dozen financial forums that would be worth the visit but recently, a company by the name of Virtual Accounting Online, launched a very original forum of their own. Before getting into exactly what the forum entails it would probably be a good idea to give some background on the company to see exactly what brought about a forum of its kind.
VAO is a company that started off by addressing the needs of small business owners. This included payroll, bookkeeping, and all other accounting related services. It was not until the past couple of years that the owners of VAO decided it was time to do something more meaningful. Their answer they came up with was derived from Victor Quinn, co-owner of VAO. His past includes many honorable years in the marine corps but in Victors words, “It was not enough.”
The answer? To begin servicing not only business owners but owners that are either veterans or in the reserves. Regardless of your view on the war, all of the U.S. Population should have one thing in common and that is the support of those that have served or currently serving.
This brings us to the VAO Forum. The forum was created to give refuge to current clients and those that just may need finance related advice. The website is fairly new with just 15 members but it has only been up for approximately 3 weeks. The site offers a generous amount of tweaks that seems to separate from all other classes or forums. The forum allows military members to build and proudly display their ribbon rack free of charge, the ability to not only share pictures amongst the community but also a rating system to add some competition, and a live chat room for its members. The owners said the forum will continue to grow and offer more as the member population grows. The forum has been dubbed, VAO Financial Brigade and with the new tax year approaching quickly, the owners at VAO encourage everyone to stop in to find out what is new.

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