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´╗┐Turning Keyboarding Skills Into Cash!

Most with excellent keyboarding skills wonder if it is possible to use this talent in a home business venture.
Unfortunately, many would be entrepreneurs often fall prey to the misleading ads on and off-line recruiting work at home typist. Most of these ads are blatant scams.
The companies behind these ads are basically selling outdated information, manuals, or a list of potential customers.
Fortunately, many legitimate ways exist to use your keyboarding skills in a home based venture.
Here is a list of the top ten work at home jobs you might consider. These ideas rely heavily on using your keyboarding skills along with knowledge in other specialized areas you may already possess.
Accounting/Bookkeeping Service
Involves preparing financial records, payroll and invoicing for small business owners. Bulk Mailing Service
Involves handling mass marketing mail for your clients.
Desk Top Publishing
Providing printing services for clients.
Graphic Service
Producing professionally designed logo’s to brochures for clients.
Manuscript Typist
You can start your service by offering to type manuscripts for authors or college students.
Resume Typist
Offer to type new resume’s for your clients or edit and retype outdated resumes’.
Secretarial Service
Your services might include typing, writing letters and mailing. Or transcription, basic bookkeeping, dictation, and other office support services for small business owners.
Transcription Service
You might decide to specialize in legal, business, or medical transcribing.
Tax Preparation
You might specialize in tax preparation for individuals or small business owners.
Newsletter Publishing
People like to stay up to date on the latest news in their field, or technological advances. You might decide to write and publish a newsletter in a highly focused area. All easily accomplished with basic keyboarding skills, a computer, word processing software,and an Internet Connection.
All the work at home ideas listed will require at least a basic desktop computer that delivers fast, high performance. A CD And DVD drive are mandatory in these modern times to keep your business in step with the technological advances.
The ability to burn CD’s is essential. Of course you will need the basic software, a laser printer, a good word processing program, database and high quality graphics, accounting/bookkeeping programs. A dedicated fax machine and line are essential.
You will also need a dedicated business telephone line if you want to appear professional. This will also boost your credibility when dealing with clients over the telephone.
Also, check licensing requirements in your home state. Contact your local Small Business Administration office. They provide free information on starting a business.
by B Lee (C)2004

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