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Oracle Applications: General Ledger Cycle
You can post journal entries to a prior accounting period, you define one formula to generate allocation journal entries for a group of cost centers, departments, Reversing Journal Batch General Ledger creates a reversing journal entry for each journal entry in your batch. … Read More

Oracle Applications: Journal Entries Using Sub Ledger Accounting
Create Accounting; Run Transfer Journal Entries to GL General Ledger. Ledget set Vs Data access set in R12; How to configure GL in R12; Configuration of GL in 11i; Intercompany Setup; Consolidation; Useful SQL Scripts; Disclaimer. … Read More

General Ledger Journals With Analytical Accounting Details …
In this post, SQL script for the GL Journal entries with Analytical Accounting details is provided along with all the associated details, as shown below; … Read More

Transfer Transactions To General Ledger : Oracle ERP Apps Guide
The general ledger transfer loads summary or detail accounting activity for any open period into the general ledger interface, The journal categories Inventory and Work in Process distinguish between inventory and work in process transactions. Accounting setup in Oracle General Ledger – R12; … Read More

Accounting Ledger Database – Templates – Office – Microsoft
Create and maintain a robust accounting database for your organization using this Access accounting database template. Simple yet powerful, you can manage all your financial transactions tracking dates, amounts, purpose and nature, while indicating tax status. … Read More

General Ledger – Journal Entries Importing
Overview of Importing Journal Entries: About Journal Import • Use Journal Import to integrate information from other applications such as payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable and fixed assets with your General Ledger application. … Read More

Bifrost Tech Sdn Bhd- Penang SQL Accounting Software With GST
From general ledger journals to sophisticated fiscal reporting, monitoring and SQL Accounting Software is designed to automate and streamline your financial processes with tools and controls to support complex legislative Bifrost unveils Accounting Outsourcing … Read More

Oracle Concepts For You: Accounting Setup In Oracle General …
Accounting setup is used to set up the accounting structure which controls transaction processing across Oracle Financial Applications . With Accounting setup manager we can define and maintain the accounting setup for Legal Entities, … Read More

Real World Oracle Apps: Oracle 12i – How To Create accounting …
I. Create Accounting Program: The Create Accounting program processes eligible accounting events to create subledger journal entries. To create the subledger journal entries, the Create Accounting program applies application accounting definitions that are created in the Accounting … Read More

General Ledger – OracleUG | Oracle Users ’ Group & Guide
The Oracle General Ledger is the central repository of accounting information. The main purpose of a general ledger system is to record financial activity of a company and to produce financial and management reports to help people inside and outside the organization make decisions. … Read More

General Ledger – Journal Entry Sources And Categories Usages
This is required if you want to be able to drilldown to the original subledger transaction from balances in General Ledger. With journal sources, Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) (3) System Admin – Script (3) java.sql.SQLException: ORA-0140 Journal Upload using Desktop … Read More

GeneralJournalEntry Table [AX 2012]
The GeneralJournalEntry table contains the general journal header information Return the physical table name, which, in the case of the SQL Temp DB table, is the table Deletes the general journal account records with the specified accounting date and fiscal calendar … Read More

SQL Server Forums – Double Entry Accounting Database Structure
General SQL Server Forums And the third entry is for a sales of Amount $100 and cost of goods is $80.(for Any person having no accounting background Let me explain the sales. Your journal entries would be captured in your journal table, … Read More

Transferring Transactions To The General Ledger (Oracle …
Transferring Transactions to the General Ledger You can transfer a summarized inventory/work in process activity for a given period into the general ledger interface. … Read More

Oracle Subledger Accounting Implementation Guide
Set up ledgers in General Ledger's Accounting Setup Manager. See: Creating Accounting Setups, Oracle Financials Implementation Guide. All subledgers assigned to a ledger inherit the subledger accounting method from that ledger. General Ledger Journal Entry Summarization. … Read More