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´╗┐Solving Personal Problems Is a Job Skill

What personal problems do you have? Do you have to buy a new car, but have limited funds?
Are you thinking of taking some classes, but are afraid of taking a class that is not marketable for your job? Fun education is not something you think about.
Do you have trouble keeping to a personal budget? You barely scrape by until the end of the month.
Here’s some advice about solving some personal problems, which are job skills. You may not have thought of them as such.
Buying a car without much money is difficult. Approach the problem this way. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a car and have a limited amount of money. Try this approach first, before contacting dealers or looking at ads.
Take a class at a community college which will be cheap for either a semester or quarter. Take only one and make it something fun after all. Fun things to learn often stimulate the mind to go forward despite fear. You might find a new career direction.
Having trouble with money? There are many money counseling services in most communities that will help you, for free. Find a student of accounting to help you.
Finally, the above solutions are not meant to be too intellectual to understand or keep. They are ordinary problem solving skills, and great to use on the job When you next find you have to overcome an obstacle, think of the solution as a great job skill and useful in all jobs.

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