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´╗┐Orthodox Jew Next Oil Baron?

H. Sam Hyams, a Toronto businessman and Orthodox Jew, is on his way to becoming a major player in the world oil markets with his company Strat Petroleum, Ltd. A well respected businessman in Canada, Hyams has a strong network of contacts in the U.S. and especially Russia.
His company is investing in the development of oil fields in Russia through direct investment or the establishment of joint ventures. They are also leveraging relationships with local refineries to secure refined oil product for sale to international markets, in order to generate revenues and cash flows. To achieve these objectives, Hyams is following an aggressive acquisition and sales strategy and pursuing the best financing alternative for each opportunity in order to realize early returns on investment.
His aim is to be selective in securing those opportunities that have the lowest risk while diversifying sources of revenue through sale of crude oil and refined products.
Mr. Hyams, CEO and President of Strat Petroleum, Ltd holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from York University in Ontario and is a Chartered Accountant. His extensive experience over the past 20 years in Canadian industry and on the international scene has included positions in finance and accounting to assisting in establishing new ventures by securing financing, and managing their business plans. If successful, Hyams will join only a handful of U.S. companies successfully penetrating the Russian oil landscape.
The Company is a publicly traded on the NASDAQ Pink Sheet Exchange (symbol:SPRL) and their website is www.stratpetroleum.com

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