How to Work in Accounting Finance Jobs


Finance accounting jobs are some of the most sought out jobs of the country. Even during the recession, this field was not much affected, the main reason being that even if the companies were doing less of business, they would still require accountants to figure out their cash flow, income and expenditure. There are a lot of jobs available in this field.

But it should also be remembered that there is a lot of competition in this field and if you want to make it here, you should not only have a degree in this field but also have a good knowledge of the trends of this industry.

Accounting finance work requires a kind of person who is interested in numbers and has a strong aptitude for accountability. Now if you want to be in this field, then you should decide it at an early stage. Then in college, you can choose accounting as a major.

But even if you have taken some other subject as a major in college, you can do your masters in accounting. There are many fields available in which accounting can be done. Though the basic format remains the same, accounting is different in various sectors such as finance, insurance and banking.

Professional Responsibilities

Accounting finance employment would expect you to fulfill certain jobs requirements. You should be able to analyze and collate financial data in order to prepare performance evaluations, asset management and budget reports. However do not think that just because you are a finance accountant, so your work can be done alone. You will have to work along with different team members in order to present the financial reports for the tax authorities, company shareholders, regulatory groups and creditors.

Your degree of specialization will determine what kind of work in financial accounting you do. There are various fields within accounting finance jobs like government or public accounting, management or internal auditing.

Skills Required

It is a must to know different computer programs if you want to survive in this industry. Along with the basic software programs, one must also be proficient in high level “accounting” software. Mathematics should be your first love.

You should also be meticulous and able to spot flaws instantly. This is because the company will take decisions based on the financial report you submit, so it is important that you be an accountable and responsible person.


You can look for employment in financial accounting once you have passed an exam called the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam. To pass this exam, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. It is not necessary that you have this degree in only in accountancy.

However if you want to be an accountant and give the CPA exam, then you must have at least at least 150 credits in all studies and a minimum of 30 credits in accounting. This is at least 30 credits more than the 120 credits required for other disciplines.

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or lack the sufficient credits, then you can do a master’s degree in accounting. This will give you a wide base for accounting and also fill any gaps in credits required for the CPA exam.

This is the basic framework in which accounting finance jobs are done.

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