Basic Facts Related to Accounting Degree


If you are planning for making a career in financial industry and banking sector, then getting a degree in accounts will be proved fruitful. There are various reputed colleges and universities in Dublin that offer graduate and post graduate degree in accounts, which help you to get job you are aspiring for.

To get admission in college for attain bachelor degree in accounts, you need to have a high school diploma. Few colleges require you to have GP average and completed courses like Basic English, mathematics and communications. Some institutes will ask you attempt standardize college assessment tests for taking admission in their colleges. Depending on your career choice you need to decide which accounting degree you need to attain your goal. There are two options in front of you; one is associate degree in accounting and another is Bachelor degree in accounts.

To get an associate degree holder in accounts, you need to spend 2 years in studying accounts, whereas in bachelor degree in accounts, you need to spend four years for completing the course. However, there are major differences in these two degrees. The bachelor degree in accounts qualifies you for further studies and you can apply for high position job in any organisation, which you cannot do with as an associate degree holder. The associate degree in accounts can get you basic jobs in organisations such as account assistant, book keeping executive and auditing clerk, etc. If you are targeting for these kinds of jobs then you can opt for associate account degree.

The courses you get to learn in associate degree are individual tax accounting, computer applications, payroll accounting, the principals of accounting, etc. In bachelor degree program you will get opportunity to study financial accounting, business law, corporate accounting, cost management, managerial accounting, federal taxation and many more. Both the courses will equip you with accounts degree, however, bachelors degree gives you more opportunities such as eligibility to apply for ACCA CBE and master degree in accounts, there carefully choose the course. If you are working and do not have time, then you can apply for online courses in accounts. This is a multitude of accredited colleges and universities, which offer online accounting degrees. Find out about universities on the internet and choose a college according to its facilities and curriculum offered for e learning. Online accounting course is ideal for those who are already working and want to make shift to accounting career.

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