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Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting Concepts – 2; Basic Bookkeeping practice tests are provided to aid anyone seeking a bookkeeping postion or just wanting to test their accounting knowledge. If you benefited from my tutorials and/or quizzes consider purchasing an E-book or CD version of … Read More

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In this post, I give you a brief overview of accounting basics and show you how to use that information to design a bookkeeping system. You also get a chance to. Home; About Us; This is very helpful to understand of basic knowledge of accounts. pratik sinha. Jul 22, 2010 at 1:45 pm — Reply. … Read More

Basic accounting principles Principle of reporting—accounting information is to be conveyed to a person without accounting knowledge in a clear, which we are considering in this book, although the principles of Accounting Standards are expected to be incorporated in the accounting for all … Read More

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Explanation and examples of basic accounting concepts such as debits and credits and the accounting equation. … Read More

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The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand By the end of reading this book you should have a fairly reasonable knowledge about accounting. Accounting by Paul D. Kimmel, but also for anyone looking for a good reference book on accounting. … Read More

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Historian Jacob Soll studies the link between financial accounting and political accountability to explain why institutions, government and corporate, rise and fall. Photo of Versailles by Flickr user shogunangel . Editor’s Note: Have you balanced your check book this month? It’s mundane, and with online banking, it’s become less of a habit. But that most basic form of accounting is also easy … Read News

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