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Edgy Accounting Firm – Choosing my Name (2 posts) ← Group Forum Group Forum Directory. Melissa 6p said Hey everyone! I am branding my accounting practice and would love ideas and feedback. Me: I live in Santa Barbara and am self-employed. I prepare taxes, perform accounting services, and … Read More

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To be honest, from a marketing perspective, these are all pretty dull and generic. I mean, I would not remember any of those names at all. They all sound like every other typical boring accounting and consulting firm. … Read More

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Good name would be "Accurate Accounting Firm" this mean your name will come first in any listing of advertising when it comes to order the a"s are listed first. Good luck . 0. 0. Comment; questioning answered 6 years ago. Booksmart Accounting … Read More

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When an accounting firm provides bookkeeping services for an audit client, The rule proposal provides a limited exception from independence violations to the accounting firm, if certain factors are present: The individual did not know, … Read More

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Expert marketing advice on Taglines/Names: New Name for CPA Firm – Clever but Professional … Read More

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Partnership, Partner, Firm, Firm Name Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Sec 4. Persons who have entered into partnership with one another are called individually "partners" and collectively a "firm", and the name under which their business is carried on is called the "firm name". … Read More

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The Accounting CS Ideas Community is a forum in which you can share ideas with other users and provide feedback and suggestions to our development team. choose Help > Additional Resources > Submit Suggestion. enter your first name and the name of your firm. … Read More

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The nameyou choose for a bookkeeping business should accurately reflect what you do. In other words when someone sees your business name he should not have to guess what type of business you are in. … Read More

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I work for a consulting firm that is looking to change its name. The firm was started like many other consulting firms, as a division of a larger, more stable company. … Read More

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Accounting Majors: Get an edge on your competition by getting these tax books while before joining public accounting firm. … Read More

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Practice Pointer: Using “& Associates” in a Firm’s Name by Leslie J. Randolph F irm names are trade names. They are protected commercial speech. … Read More

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You can get a little creative with your partnership name to make your company sound more impressive to clients. A bookkeeping partnership firm that uses the last names of the partners and then the phrase "accounting services" can sound thorough. … Read More