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A Cure For Enron-Style Audit Failures — HBS Working Knowledge
If companies and regulators are ever to learn from the collapse of Enron—and prevent similar corporate debacles in the future—they must look more closely at the relationship between auditors, managers and the company audit committee. The Enron scandal is not an isolated accounting … Read More

Failures Of A Accounting System
Failures of a Accounting System. Get Professional Solicitation and Procurement Letters Related To Failures of a Accounting System, and RFP-related Documents. … Read More

Internal Control Audit Failures Too High, PCAOB Says …
Auditors are making too many mistakes in their audit of internal control over financial reporting, prompting a new warning from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to pay closer attention to auditing standards and the firms' own audit methodologies. The board is especially concerned about … Read More

HP: Autonomy Had 'serious accounting Improprieties' | ZDNet
Autonomy had 'serious accounting improprieties, disclosure failures and outright misrepresentations' when HP bought it, the company has said. … Read More

Why Do accounting Information Systems Fail? | Answerbag
Why do accounting information systems fail? The accounting information system (AIS) Failures in the AIS may severely impact management decisions because accurate financial information cannot be collected for decision making purposes. … Read More

Arthur Andersen And Other Accounting Failures Financial …
Accounting. The practice or profession of maintaining financial records, noting expenses or revenue, and determining how much one owes or is owed. … Read More

Iran Joined By A Third Of IAEA Members Shirking Nuclear Duties
“Several states did not sufficiently facilitate the clarification or resolution of agency questions, including questions concerning the correctness and/or completeness of their declarations,” according to the 86-page report. … Read News

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Accounting In Crisis – Businessweek – Business News, Stock …
A few years ago, it would hardly have seemed possible: The nation's attention, from the halls of Congress to main street, has been riveted on an accounting scandal, a subject so abstruse it rarely makes the front page. But as the tawdry chapters in the Enron (ENE) fiasco unfold like … Read More

PBS Frontline: Bigger Than Enron – PBS: Public Broadcasting …
Introduction + lessons + politics of enron + accounting wars + watchdogs Enron was just one of the more than 400 corporations forced to dramatically restate their value because of accounting lapses, failures, or fraud. What went wrong? Through interviews with SEC officials, … Read More

PCAOB Finding More And More “audit failures” | Between …
Renee Howdeshell is a founding member of Fulcrum Inquiry, an accounting, finance and economic consulting firm that performs damage analyses for commercial litigation, forensic accountings, royalty & distribution audits, financial investigations, and business valuations. … Read More

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The Corporate Scandal Sheet – Forbes – Information For The …
With the avalanche of corporate accounting scandals that have rocked the markets recently, it’s getting hard to keep track of them all–but our Corporate Scandal Sheet does the job. … Read More

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Recent accounting And Auditing failures – Introduction
Recent accounting and auditing failures. The list on the following pages is a reasonably comprehensive — but far from exhaustive — list of major and significant auditing scandals resulting from incompetence or conspiratorial actions committed by the major auditing firms over the last twenty … Read More

After Crisis, A New Spirit Of Reining In The Banks
Many people believe there is not enough regulation of banks and they want tougher rules and more stringent enforcement of those rules. … Read News

Why Systems Fail – | Thoughts On Technology
In accounting software for example a single mistake due to poor user interface may cause an invoice to be sent to someone in the wrong currency or may turn what is Failures due to a lack of training should not be thought of as an error due to the individual operator as is likely with a … Read More