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Is accounting A boring Career Choice?
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Accountants: Do You Like Your job? – Styleforum
Accounting is a pretty boring job, I'd imagine. I mean think about what you do all day You compile data and present it in the form of reports so that other people can make decisions. My father started as a CA but he quickly moved in to a more operational/managment role. … Read More

Why Is Accounting So boring?
Book keeping may be boring,but accounting itself is not.In fact it is very challenging and is a combination of science,art and common sense. … Read More

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Are there more boring careers than accountant? I'm a software developer, Accounting is not boring, except to right brained people. Like; Report. No comments What is the highest-paying job in the United States? … Read More

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Accountants are often viewed by those outside of business as boring bean counters. While the field of accounting may not be overtly exciting, it does provide the trained accountant with many job opportunities within an organization. … Read More

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Reader Story: I Quit My Passion And Took A Boring Job
At some points, you’re better off working a less stressful job (in our hero’s viewpoint, accounting, though I would rather be poked to death with a dull fork — I have trouble balancing my checkbook). “I had a hard boring job but I showed up every day, … Read More

Industry Insiders Share Why Being An Accountant Is NOT Boring
Industry Insiders Share Why Being an Accountant is NOT Boring. By Grant Tilus on October 2, 2013. Misinformation and outsider opinions have for years fostered the idea that accounting is boring, mindless and even unimportant work. … Read More

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