Want To Be A Certified Pharmacy Technician?


Many people each year are faced with the decision on whether they should become a certified pharmacy technician.  Odds are good that they have heard that getting certified can help their career whether it be the increase in starting pay or the opportunity to interview for more selective employers.  Either way, this often leads to them wanting to get some more knowledge on what it takes to become certified.  Here, we take a closer look at this issue to help them know what they are getting into.

To get this certification, you will need to get an education at a pharmacy tech school.  There are a number of these schools around the country and they can be found by simply doing a basic Internet search.  These schools will offer classes in both online courses and in person classroom courses in your area.  The online courses offer the benefit of allowing people to more easily fit these classes into their schedules.  This is perfect for those who have to watch children or have a current working schedule with erratic hours.  It also has the convenience of being able to take the classes from home which helps cut down on gas costs and time spent traveling to a in person classroom.

Of course, taking the in person classroom courses have their advantages too.  These classes can make it easier for people to stay focused on the material as it more closely mirrors the standard educational process that most have grown up with.  In addition, they can better participate in lively class discussions and more easily ask questions of their professor since they are physically there.

Aside from deciding from what type of class you would like, you will need to make sure the program fits your budget and can be completed within your schedule.  Some courses like the online courses offer great flexibility in the length of the course as they are often self paced; however, you can reasonably expect training will run anywhere from 3 months to a year.

After the training is completed, you should be well prepared to take the certification exam.  This exam is offered year round but it is smarter to take it right after the training ends to ensure maximum retention.  The exam itself is a multiple choice exam that will key on the knowledge learned in the training.  Incidentally, this training is geared towards many of the main job duties that pharmacy techs experience.

By keeping all these different things in mind, you should have a better understanding of the process to becoming a certified pharmacy technician.

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