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If you are searching for a career that is long termed and beneficial, you might want to consider a career in accounting. Many successful people in the world today was at one time involved in accounting. Not only does this career give you the benefits of working for a large corporation, it also teaches you everything you need to know if you ever decide to have your own business.

If you are the type person that likes to work alone, a career in accounting is the way to go. You don’t have to be in a big work pool and it is a position that has very little stress. Also working in accounting is one step away from becoming an accountant.

A major benefit of a career in accounting is the great pay. In your first year of accounting you can make as much as fifty five thousand dollars. In ten years or less you can be making money in the six figure range. This can happen faster if you further your education and obtain a degree in accounting which can be as high as a MBA. There are many other careers that take much longer to achieve and the money is even less. Accounting is a stable career and statistics show that career to grow by 18% by the year 2016.

A career in accounting is not limited to just sitting at a desk working with numbers all day. There are different types of accounting you can get involved in with great pay as well as great benefits. You can be a public accountant which involves a broad range of accounting, taxes, auditing and consulting. There are jobs in accounting that deal with customers about their tax advantages and disadvantages in making business decisions and preparing their tax returns. You can be an accounting consultant who offers advice in employee health benefits, compensation, and selection of controls to safeguard assets. Many person’s accounting career are in the public sector working with the government. Industrial, private or corporate accounting positions involve working with budgets, performance evaluations, cost management as well as asset management. Another accounting career specializes in forensic accounting investigations and other complex financial transactions. A career in accounting can be interesting as the accounting position of checking records for fraud, mismanagement and waste.

Accountants use to be considered shy, timid and mostly bookworms. That is no longer the case in today’s work force. A career in accounting is growing fast as students are learning more of the benefits and the great pay for this position. A career in accounting requires you to have great math skills as well as the ability to analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures quickly. You must be educated as well with computers and have the ability to work well with people.

Jane Sanders writes about business career choices at JobDescriptions.net. Learn more about becoming an accountant by reading her accountant job description

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