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In our company we moved into cloud accounting service recently and migrated the whole accounting including billing, salary payments and expenses into the cloud based software. The whole procedure was in the end an easy one, and the company which provided the tools for the electronic financial management (In Finnish = sähköinen taloushallinto ) provided a training for the using of the system as well.


First the basic information and the desired preferences were inserted into the system and information from the previous systems were imported into the new one. That took a while, and some basic database problems had to be solved. But after the software was up and running for us, we have felt that the decision to move into the cloud based electronic accounting was a good one. The people in the company who use the system have their own user profile and they can access the system where ever they are. We also gave up the sending of paper bills and moved into to electronic bills on the same occasion we took accounting service into use.


Now the communication between the accounting company and our company happens mainly through the software and the software is also connected to our bank. The user interface of the software is very accessible and easy to comprehend and didn’t take long to understand how to use it. The move into cloud service will save our money and time as well, since we don’t have to bother ourselves anymore with the software licenses, updates or other maintenance. All is done by the company providing the service. It also saves our disk space since the system is usable through internet connection.


Salary payments used to be a monthly hassle with all the employees having different kind grounds for salary, different taxation, some of them belonging to the union and others not and so on. And while all this is nowadays, with the help of excellent software’s, possible to make totally automatic, it still leaves the monthly posting of the pay slips. Depending on the industry and the business the company is into, the billing as well can be a monthly interruption and a headache, due to the checking and posting the bills. The more irregular the billing is, like for example for the small business owners and self employed, the more headache the whole accounting is.


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