Scope of Accounting


Although several definitions of accounting have been given by several authorities and intelligent minds but I personally believe that accounting is a comprehensive process and it is not very easy to describe it in a line or two. Yet, I would like to quote the definition given by The American Accounting Association (AAA), which is by far the best. According to AAA, accounting is “the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information to permit informed judgments and decisions by users of information.”

In the present scenario, millions of students pursue an educational qualification course in accounting. Some do it through classroom training and some do it through online training (such as pursuing online Sage Accounts Courses). They all wish to take plunge in to the corporate world after pursuing their course. However, there are millions who although are inclined towards accounting, yet don’t opt for it as they are unaware about its wide scope. Through this piece of article I would put forth some of the key points on the scope of accounting-

1. Scope in Public Sector: After Pursuing an accounting course, one can clinch a job in the public sector, very easily. Every year, thousands of vacancies open up in the public sector. These vacancies demand a person to perform various functions such as recording, classifying, interpreting, analyzing, summarizing etc. Those who wish to have a secure life generally wish to clinch a government job and hence pursuing an educational qualification can be of great use to them.

2. Scope in Private Sector: The finance department serves as the backbone for any business unit. Every year millions of vacancies open up in the private sector for acquiring talent to strengthen their backbone. The number of vacancies in the private sector is comparatively much more than the public sector and perhaps that is the reason why every year millions of students pursue accounts courses and take a plunge into the private sector.

3. Beneficial for Entrepreneurs: Those who neither wish to join the private sector nor the public sector and dream high of becoming a successful entrepreneur very well know why it is very important for them to have an in-depth knowledge of accounting. How high you may later go, no matter how efficient your finance department professionals might be; you will still have to look at the finance of your company by yourself.

It is very clear that pursuing an accountancy course is beneficial for everyone. Millions have already realized this, those are pursuing an accountancy course and running ahead and many others will realize it after reading this article, I believe. Now if you have sowed the smallest of seed in your mind for pursuing an accountancy course, let me tell you that you need not do that only through classroom training. You may also learn accounting through e-learning which is better than the traditional form in more than one way.  It is being embraced by students all over the world with a great vigor; a course called Sage line 50 certification was pursued by a record no. of above 1 million students all over the world, last year. Certainly there must be something good about e-learning format of education. I leave it up to you to chalk out how good it is for you.

Rosie Benson is a successful entrepreneur of a small sized business unit. She has been working on various bookkeeping projects and has hired many people with Sage line 50 qualification for the same. She also has a hobby of writing so she keeps on enlightening the pages with her personal experiences of business, Sage training, etc.