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Accounting is a profession all about recording transaction, maintaining balance sheet and identifying problem in it. There is no doubt that it is an interesting and lucrative career as per the current scenario where every now and then finical fiasco is taking place. This has made companies to hire charted accountant for handling complex accounting and investment issues. Seeing the benefits and rewards accounting career renders in long term more and more students are opting for CA course and enrolling them with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), which is one of the most reputed organisations charted accountants organisations in the world. To qualify with this organisation, a student requires to education, training, and aptitude. There are degree and post degree course available for students who want to make decent career as a bank executive, account assistant and account clerk. However, accountants who look there career beyond that can pursue professional qualification by getting membership this chartered accounting association.
This association of chartered account is self-regulated and giving opportunity to students to earn professional degree of chartered accountant. They select students by conducting exams; only highly apt students get opportunity to become member of this association. There are certain things that a student must be aware of before opting accounting filed as a long life career. There are many colleges and universities across United Kingdom offering accounting coaching classes on evening and E learning basis.

Accountancy is required almost in every company, even if it is a small unit. It would become easy to understand the benefits of this career, if it is divided into three categories such as government services, accountancy firm, and industry. Accounting firms provide services to all types of organisations or companies. Chartered accountant with ACCA qualification in public practice requires an independent firm so that he can cater to large number of clients and earn profit. Accountants employed in organisation are hired on a good remuneration; however, they have to compromise work independence and focus on the performance of the business. Accountants serving government follow standards that are essential to measure the government performance. The standards of government audit are different from the standards that used in private companies. .

Career in accountancy is an ultimate career for anyone who is interested in numeracy and calculation. There are several job opportunities as demand of qualified accountants is strong and steady in current marketing scenario. As of now, it is one of the most appealing careers in financial sector and many accounting professional are doing exceptionally well in their career.

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