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ISO 9000 is an international quality certification for businesses of all types. If a company is able to achieve ISO 9000 certification it shows their customers that they are adhering to very stringent quality control guidelines to make sure that all products are clean and produced in such a way that there is no chance of contamination. This is very important in some industries, such as the pharmaceutical production industry.

ISO 9000 is written by quality professionals all over the world, professionals who have had a lot of experience with industrial mistakes and problems caused by poor control over processing. So, ISO 9000 can be viewed as a collection of situations that need to be controlled in order to avoid well-known sources of quality problems. In fact, each and every requirement of ISO 9001 is intended to promote adequate control over organizations’ operations and improvement of organizations’ processes.

There are three types of certification for ISO 9000 series standards. The ISO intended the 9000 series standards to be voluntary, and so no certification process was included in the standards issued in 1987. As a result, individual countries have developed certification procedures.

First party certification is when a company certifies itself. Thus, it is sometimes called “self-declaration.” This is accomplished using a formal internal quality assessment audit. The audit is performed by an internal quality manager or representative who examines whether the company is in conformance with the applicable ISO 9000 series standards.

Second party certification is performed by a customer of the company seeking certification. It is the customer’s job to perform an internal audit and decide whether the company is complying with the ISO 9000 series standards. Often, when a company becomes certified through this second party process, an agreement is drawn up documenting the certification process.

Third party certification is done by a disinterested third party, usually a firm that specializes in ISO 9000 certification. The third party provides a registrar (also called an auditor) who performs an intensive internal audit of the company to verify its compliance with ISO 9000 standards.

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