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In today’s competitive world, building your career in any field is not a cake walk. We are living in a scenario where everybody is striving as hard as possible to outshine others, so we also need to push the paddle harder to excel in our field of interest. Apart from the fields like IT, media, sports, management etc, where we witness a ruthless competition accounting is yet another field where one has to struggle a lot in order to reach at the heights of success. Through this article I would give some guidance as to how one can excel in the field of accounting. Below are some of the key points-

Pursue a course: It is very important to build a strong and firm foundation of knowledge before building the castle of career. If you wish to make your career in accounting you must pursue a training course in the same field in order to gain in-depth knowledge. For that matter, you have to options either pursue the course through traditional mode of education i.e. classroom training or through online training. Most of the companies these days provide both the modes and a user needs to decide which one to opt. For example, Sage provides both ‘Sage classroom training’ as well as ‘Sage online training’.

Devote some extra time: Studying the course syllabus is not all that is required to excel in the field of accounting. Think it this way- there are millions of people like you who are studying the same syllabus. So, what makes you stand out in the crowd of those millions? Devote some extra time to enhance your knowledge base in accounting. Let me tell you that not all those millions will do this, but those who will, will definitely have an edge over the others. Study some books, watch youtube videos read blogs of professionals in the field of accounting and do all that you can to claw the useful pieces of information related to accounting.

Get along with international students: In today’s world where everything and everybody has gone online, you shall not stay far behind. Make the most out of internet. Use social networking websites to get along with international students in your domain. Talk to them on informative and educational topics and increase the reach of your brain. If you don’t do so you will be like a frog in the well- unaware of the pace of the world.  

Go for internship and get absorbed- It’s time to apply all that you have learnt from Sage online course till getting along with international students, into practicality. It’s time to show your skills. Go for an internship or apprenticeship learn professional skills and empress your employers with such a performance that they absorb you in the company and hire you as a paid employee. Many people abate at this stage. They seem reluctant to work for someone for free but only smart people know what all opportunities does an internship bring along with.

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Rosie Benson is a successful entrepreneur of a small sized business unit. She has been working on various bookkeeping projects and has hired many people with Sage line 50 qualification for the same. She also has a hobby of writing so she keeps on enlightening the pages with her personal experiences of business, Sage training, etc.

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