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Microsoft Certified Professional MCITP Certification refers to all individuals who have completed a Professional

certification by Microsoft. The program itself is designed for employment of office environment, scientific computing and desktop/professional technicians in

both repair shop and corporate engineering workshop environment. Likewise to Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun, Ubuntu programs, these certifications mainly

focus on their respective product, as opposed to employment aptitude tests designed for programmer trainee jobs. These branches of technical series with the

MC (Microsoft Certified) prefix include IT Professional (MCITP), architect (MCA), Professional Developer (MCPD), Technology Specialist (MCTS), Systems

Administrator (MCSA), Systems Engineer (MCSE), Solution Developer (MCSD) and Database Administrator (MCDBA).

Each exam costs approximately $ 125 USD. Exams usually take between 2 and 3 hours to complete and consist of between 40 and 90 multiple choice, drag and drop,

solution building questions and simulated content within exams where students are required to perform certain common administrative tasks appropriate for the

topic at hand.

MCSE stands for “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer”. It is the most widely known Microsoft certification and it is available for Windows 2000 and Windows

server 2003. Each has a different set of examinations. MCSE qualified persons have the ability to provide business solutions by designing and implementing

the required infrastructure.MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration is useful for technical support & systems engineers,

technical consultants, network and systems analysts and also for regular software engineers.

There are many ways of obtaining MCSE training, including training at local training center. MCSE training can also be done at home by CD-ROMS or through

books. The courses usually have extensive content and basic tutorials can guide you to pass the examination if you have a basic knowledge of Microsoft


There are lots of benefits of free practice tests like industry recognition, access to technical and product

information directly from Microsoft, discounts on products and services, Microsoft paraphernalia like MCSE logo, certificate, transcript etc. However the

immediate and most important benefit is the increase in market value of the person and boost in career for software professionals.

The CompTIA has been designed for professionals who analyze the business requirements. The autor devote herself to research the problems and knowledge of MCSE Certification.If you have any questions about MCSE,you can comments on the article the autor publiced.

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