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The Transaction Amount is the signed value of an accounting general ledger transaction, expressed in U.S. dollars. Quantity of units involved in the The USSGL/DoD Account Codes provide the basic structure for the DoD Standard Chart of Accounts required for standardized departmental … Read More

Under Secretary Of Defense (Comptroller) > FMR > 13 > 13arch …
Introduction to the dod finance and accounting manual references chapter 01 nonappropriated fund accounting chapter 02 general ledger and coding structure 0201 naf accounting classification code a0305 location codes a0306 department codes a0307 glacs chapter 04 assets . … Read More

0601 GENERAL ( 060101. The Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (DoDFMR), The USSGL will reflect the general ledger account codes (GLACs) General ledgers for other Army accounting systems can be found at the following websites: … Read More

Purpose: This Document Outlines Processing Procedures Of Cost …
– General Ledger Accounting Code. JV – Journal Voucher. OF The following processing codes are affected: Stanfins TA – 21, 23 and and input by DFAS. Information needed to only adjust the General Ledger is requested by DFAS and supplied by the Fund Holder. Upon … Read More

GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNTING CODES (GLACS): (DA) and Department of Defense (DD) forms will list the regulation and proponent agency governing the proper usage at the top of the form. Items indicated within [brackets] are instructional. … Read More

ERP – General Ledger And Accounting Management
The General Ledger (GL) module is the heart of finance package of an ERP system. Facebook; Twitter; Google + Sign In. arrow. Email Id. Password. ERP – General Ledger and Accounting Management; MSG Courses. Management Basics; Organizational Behaviour; Marketing; People Management; Operations … Read More

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GAO Report to Department of Defense Officials September 1996 DOD ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS Efforts to Improve accounting classification codes, and general ledger OTHER DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ACTIVITY ADDRESS CODES AUTHORIZED … Read More

Report Template (igrpt – DoD-IG
Visit the Web site of the Department of Defense Inspector General at http://www.dodig.mil/audit Accounting Services Army transfers trial balance data into the general ledger. Accounting Services Army adjusts the general ledger pro forma codes do not impact the general ledger. … Read More

DATA ELEMENTS AND CODES 5.1 GENERAL. differences between transaction amounts and general ledger entries. DATA ITEMS AND EXPLANATIONS DATA CODES the General Accounting and Finance System. See section 19 for guidance on input. … Read More

DFAS Reference Document – United States Marine Corps
General accounting classification example. 3. to reflect changes to the DoD accounting classifications for FY 98 and forward. 8. See also Responsibility Center/Cost Center Codes (RC/CC) and Cost Account Code (CAC). … Read More

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