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Getting an accounting degree can lead to a satisfying and financially rewarding career. Chicago is one of the best cities to earn such a degree because there are so many colleges and universities located in the state of Illinois.

Choosing a Chicago Accounting School

Choosing a good accounting school in Chicago involves some research on the part of the potential degree earner. In Chicago accredited accounting degree programs run the gamut from undergraduate degrees to graduate degrees such as master’s and doctorates. In Chicago accredited accounting degree study programs are essential in order to have the right academic credentials when the student graduates.

Research has to first be done to see which schools in Chicago are accredited and which ones also offer accounting degrees. Internet research can greatly help in this area. The cost factor of the degree also needs to be considered. Students need to see if they can afford to attend the specific college or university with a combination of their own savings, their parents’ help, and financial aid such as scholarships, grants, and student loans.

Those pursuing an accounting degree in Chicago will be taught courses in taxation, economics, finance, banking, the stock market, bookkeeping, and how to run a business. It’s especially wise for a student working towards an accounting degree in Chicago to plan to want to obtain a position in the state after graduation because many companies favor hiring graduates from schools located in the same state. This helps with their knowledge of the area when they have to travel to meet clients on the job.

Students should inquire how long the degree program will be. Most undergraduate programs are four years, but accelerated degrees can often be earned in only three years. On the graduate level, a master’s degree from a Chicago accounting school usually takes two years and a doctorate in the field takes between two to four years beyond the master’s. If an accounting student wants to become a college professor in accounting, he should pursue his doctorate in the subject.

Chicago Job Opportunities with an Accounting Degree

Upon graduation, those holding accounting degrees can apply for work at many private companies, they can choose to work for the state of Chicago government offices, or they can apply for employment as teachers at local Chicago high schools and colleges. They can even open their own business and start out in private practice, if they wish.

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