Best 3 Forensic Accounting Schools


In times of today, the demand for forensics accountants have increased as they play an important role in companies and industries. With this, there are many institutes that offer degrees and certificates in this course which often leaves you spoiled for choice, having to settle down for one institute. To name them all would be a challenge, so here are the best 3 in no particular order.

Founded in 1918, is Ashford University. They provide high quality education which is affordable and have got several student aid programs to help those who are financially insecure. The programs and courses offered also fall into the accelerated category as you can graduate within 12 to 14 months depending on your ability to keep up and cope. Also, they provide a convenient and flexible online course for those who wish to work while studying.

There is also Kaplan University which focuses on the real world; giving students the chance to experience good hands on activities to show them what reality would be like. The programs they offer are also programs from which students learn concepts and techniques they can use to take control of their professional destinies. In the forensics accounting world, many would need to know how they knowledge they gain is used in the real world which is exactly what this college has to offer.

Then comes Stetson University, located in the beautiful Florida, it has been up and running for over 100 years serving as Florida’s first private teaching institute. This university has been given the pride as one of the leading institutes which is committed to making top-quality, private education affordable to a diverse group of qualified students. This is evident as Stetson University always fares well in national college guides. They provide flexible hours which allow you to study at your own pace giving you the benefit of gaining your education at your own time.

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