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Accounting general journal help? – Yahoo
As this is a contribution from OWNERS, normally these are converted into equity, increament in the owner's interest. So, the journal is: Dr. Furniture … Read More


General Accounting Ledger Examples – BasicAccountingHelp
A general ledger is a collection of your chart of accounts. It is where all of your accounting journal entries end up. Most all accounting these days is done on computers and the accounting software does the posting to the general ledger in the background. … Read More

General Journal Sample – Scribd
General Journal Sample – Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. Sample General journal entries from our article in BusinessTips.Ph … Read More

ACCOUNTING HELP: How Do I Enter Tax Invoice In To General …
Hi all, How do I enter a Tax invoice into a General Journal? For example: Tax Invoice 123 Received from ABC Supplies for the following goods: – Installation materials $3,080 inc. GST … Read More

TurboCASH Accounting Software – General Journal
The General Journal Batch Type is used to enter the general transactions and corrections or adjustments you would not normally enter in the Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, Receipts Journal, Payments Journal or any other Batch Type or Journal Type you have created to enter transactions for your … Read More

Accounting general journal Entry help With Sales Returns?
When a general journal entry is used to record sales returns, the credit of the entry must be posted twice. Does this cause the trial balance to be out of balance? … Read More

Accounting Help!! – General Journal Entries In General …
Hopefully someone can help me out for this one transaction. The owner has individuals pre-pay for their lessons. That money goes into the Unearned Revenue account. … Read More

Whats The general journal For This accounting help? – Finance …
Whats the general journal for this accounting help?,All the answers are correct except for the amounts on bcorrect answer for b. b. Insurance expense … Read More

General Journal Entries
General Journal Entries. In Sage Simply Accounting, general journal entries refer to those transactions that cannot be made elsewhere. For example: … Read More

InPlay From Briefing.com
InPlay from Briefing.com … Read News

Accounting Journal Entries – AccountingInfo.com
What is a journal entry in Accounting? Journal entry is an entry to the journal. Journal is a record that keeps accounting transactions in chronological order, i.e. as they occur. … Read More

Help General journal Entry – Sage 50 Accounting – U.S …
I have sage peachtree premium accounting i want stop rounding numbers in General journal entry. how i can do that i want show number as 3.244 not 3.245 … Read More

Accounting General Journal Help – Prijom
TAccounts Journal Entries: Taccounts are presented to help you understand the double entry system and the effect of debits and credits on an account’s balance. … Read More

Need accounting help With Correction In The general journal?
Ok so ive just started accounting in high school and need some help with this question: Jinty record … Read More